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Fox-IT achieves Common Criteria Security Certification EAL 7+ for its Two Ruggedized DataDiodes

Fox-IT has announced that its Fox Ruggedized 1G and 10G DataDiode have received the Common Criteria Certification at Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 7+ for Information Technology Security Evaluation. This is the highest evaluation possible for security devices. Earlier in 2008, Fox-IT’s regular (classic) data diodes already received the CC EAL7+ certification.

Today, Fox-IT’s DataDiodes are the only devices with a valid CC EAL7+ certification. Competing products go no higher than EAL5. The Fox-IT DataDiode guarantee the unidirectional flow of data at a physical level by enforcing a one-way network connection: they do not contain software, firmware or FPGA. Hence, they cannot be exploited or misconfigured, contrary to competing products that do contain logics and are therefore not one hundred percent tamper-proof. Fox-IT customers are guaranteed that once installed and operational in their network their state and company secrets remain secure and that critical systems cannot be manipulated by attacks originating from the internet.

With its 1G and 10G Ruggedized DataDiodes, Fox-IT focuses on customers that need the highest levels of security, while operating in demanding environments, such as government and defense organizations and companies in the nuclear-, power-, oil and gas industry and/or other critical infrastructure areas. They require equipment that can operate reliably in severe conditions, such as for instance high temperatures, high humidity, or rough (mobile) transport.

Key features of the Fox Ruggedized DataDiodes are:

  • Industry standard fiber optic lc connectors
  • Connectors on the rear
  • Rugged coated steel and anodized aluminum casing
  • Extended temperature and humidity range
  • TEMPEST level-A compliant by default
  • Suitable for transport
  • Shock and vibration resistant: Truck, Rail, Air (non-operational) ASMT D 4728
  • Redundant power supply

“We are very proud of the EAL7+ certification for our ruggedized models”, says Peter Geijtenbeek, International Sales Director at Fox-IT. “In designing them, we listened carefully to our customers, which among others resulted in the 10G model that offers the high throughput capacity many customers need. We look forward to helping customers, especially in defense and critical infrastructure, to secure their networks from hackers and operate without the risk of losing data or manipulate plant operations.”

The Common Criteria is an internationally recognized set of security standards used by the federal government and other organizations to assess the security and assurance of technology products. In the Common Criteria scheme, EAL represents the depth and rigor of the evaluation, giving consumers the confidence that products specified at a specific level meet the package of security assurance requirements associated with that level.

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