Plenary opening

Moderator Peter Zinn and plenary speakers Frank Groenewegen and Erik de jong give you an exclusive look behind the screens of cyber security. During the plenary opening, they will discuss trends, developments and learnings from practice. What developments do we see in the cyber threat landscape? What are the most important aspects for cyber security?

Hacked: The investigation

During this break out session we discuss aspects of digital forensics. What steps are taken after a hack in the different phases of incident response and how does Fox-IT conduct such an investigation? We also show what information we are looking for and why this is so important.

Negotiating with (cyber) criminals

This break out session addresses the ethical and human choices that arise during an cyber incident. We discuss the ethical issues that play a role in a (digital) hostage situation. Is collecting evidence that could lead to the arrest and prosecution of criminals the starting point or do you make other choices? When do you change tack and decide to pay a ransom? Christian Prickaerts and Klaas Wilting talk about the differences and paralells of physical and digital hostage situations.

How to respond to a security breach

In this break out we talk about the various phases of the incident response process. What considerations play a role “in the heat of the moment” if you have to choose between conducting thorough research versus being operational again as soon as possible. Which research questions are asked and how difficult are they to answer?  And what practical matters are often discussed during an incident?


Plenary Intermezzo

The plenary speakers will discuss the most important learnings from the break out sessions. How do we respond to cyber incidents? What considerations do we have to keep in mind? What information do you need? And why is it so important to have your digital infrastructure in order and to test it extensively? What could we have detected and how?

The implosion of the threat landscape

In this breakout we outline the digital threat landscape. Which actors are currently active? What is their purpose, motive and modus operandi? What are the business risks? We will describe the threat landscape based on a fictional case, which contains real life activities and learnings. What information does this provide?

Security Awareness: a customer journey

During this break out, Chief Security Expert Frank Groenewegen (Fox-IT) and CISO Ardie Kleijn (National Police) talk about security awareness. How does a large organisation such as the National Police manage this? How do you create the right impact? Why did they choose Fox-IT as a partner?

A good offense is the best defence

In this break out session, the participants are introduced to the rise of the Purple Teaming phenomenon. By combining and simulating Red Team and Blue Team operations, versatile insight into the cyber security level can be obtained. How far can the Red Team go without being detected by the Blue Team? And will the Blue Team be able to keep the attackers out of the network once the Red Team is detected?

Plenary wrap up

During the wrap-up we discuss the most important learnings from the break out sessions and look back on the event. What are the next steps?

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