Expose everything.

Real-time web & mobile event analytics


100% visibility, zero touch

DetACT allows you to see everything – events, sessions, trends, anomalies, attacks and threats, all in real-time. At the same time the architecture is zero touch – no client installations, no server reengineering, no integration needed whatsoever. You get full visibility, your customers get zero delay and zero hassle, and your adversaries get nothing – they won’t know what’s detecting them.

Boost productivity

DetACT shows you all of your customers clicks and swipes, all behavioral and all financial events. Get overviews and perform queries in seconds, create new rules in minutes. Correlate your customers behavior to evolving criminal business models, and be truly proactive with a risk based approach, with the power of real-time event analytics at your fingertips.

Automated response

DetACT allows you to take automated action. Based on intelligence feeds, behavioral rules, attack patterns or risk, DetACT will integrate directly into any SIEM, risk engine, big data store, or payment provider. Automating these workflows, DetACT is designed to be actionable.

About DetACT.

DetACT empowers infosec and anti-fraud with real-time web and mobile event analytics. DetACT provides 100% visibility on events, sessions, behavior, anomalies and attacks, while featuring zero touch architecture. DetACT’s actionable architecture spots anomalies, account takeovers, malware, hybrid attacks and channel misuse, and alerts and mitigates in real-time.

  • 100000000 RISK EVENTS PER DAY

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