Fox-IT and Anomali to join forces

Fox-IT and Anomali have agreed on entering a cooperation with the aim of supporting banks and financial institutions to fight cybercrime. The partnership entails access to unique threat intelligence supplied by the Fox-IT inTELL team to the Anomali platform.

Fox-IT InTELL in Anomali APP STORE
In 2006, Fox-IT started the Threat Intelligence Research, which focuses on cyber threats in the financial industry. The Fox-IT InTell feed covers sophisticated threat actors as well as the widespread financially motivated fraud operators. Today, The InTELL Research continues to track global criminal activity to provide relevant and time intelligence on key cyber threats. With this historic and continuous Threat Intelligence now being offered in Anomali APP Store, customers of Anomali can now leverage this structured cyber threat intelligence to enhance their cyber threat intelligence objectives.

“Financial services is one of the most targeted industry sectors. It is subject to all kinds of attacks from sophisticated cybercriminals and fraudsters on a constant basis,” said John Callon, Vice President, Product and Partner Marketing, Anomali. “Our expansive ecosystem gives joint enterprise customers access to critical threat intelligence in the Anomali ThreatStream platform, which they can use to identify and respond to adversaries. We are excited to make Fox-IT intelligence available through the Anomali ThreatStream APP Store. With the critical data provided, users gain visibility into the latest malware, criminal infrastructures, and targeted banking attacks.”

About Fox-IT and NCC Group
Fox-IT (part of NCC Group) prevents, researches and limits the most serious threats from cyber-attacks, data leaks or fraud, with innovative solutions for governments, defense, police, critical infrastructures, banks and major corporations worldwide. In its approach the company combines smart ideas with technology to offer innovative solutions ensuring a secure society. It develops products and tailor-made solutions to guarantee the security of sensitive government systems, to protect industrial networks, to defend online banking systems and to secure highly confidential data.

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