Guaranteed one-way network connection

Industrial Control Systems

Protect Critical Assets and Production Environments

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) have to function correctly and continuously. Sadly, breaches of these critical infrastructures – often with malicious intent – are increasing daily. Disconnecting or isolating your critical production systems is not an answer, as this will disrupt or delay operations. Fox-IT now offers the solution: the Fox DataDiode.

  • Protectsafety systems
  • Monitorproduction sites centrally
  • Shareproduction data while protecting critical assets
  • SecureCCTV footage

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What is the Fox DataDiode?

The Fox DataDiode is a cross-domain solution reconciling the seemingly contradictory requirements of high assurance and free flow of information. Its guaranteed one-way network connectivity makes sure you can securely and smoothly transfer information in real-time, 24×7. It safeguards the integrity and availability for Industrial Control Systems (ICS). With certifications such as NATO SECRET and Common Criteria EAL7+, the Fox DataDiode is the highest evaluated and certified IT security product in the world.

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It’s all about protecting assets

Monitor production sites and factory locations centrally

Set up a central monitoring location to check on multiple plants and production sites. You do not have to open individual networks, thus keeping their availability and integrity protected. By enforcing data to be sent in one direction – for example: out of the production site – attacks from the outside network are physically impossible.

Share production data
while protecting critical assets

Share your data with your corporate (IT) network – in real time. Without the danger of exposing critical control systems to digital threats from the outside world. On the corporate network, you can work with live data, without the possibility of interfering with production systems, intentionally or unintentionally.

Protect safety systems

Guarantee the integrity of production systems, as only data flowing to databases or monitoring stations is possible. Protect production critical assets on the corporate network against cyber-attacks, abuse and even mistakes. Ensure that threats running through the corporate network cannot reach the production network.

Secure CCTV footage

If you use digital CCTV cameras on company premises, you are vulnerable to infiltration. Installing a Fox DataDiode between cameras and the recording station will enable you to securely send footage to the recording station. At the same time, you protect the information on the network from exfiltration. Hijacking the camera’s wire will not help attackers gain access to the company’s network.

Fox DataDiode Explained

What others say

“Thanks to the Fox DataDiode we are able to get all the data from our drilling platform to the analysts at headquarters, in realtime. At the same time, the solution ensures that a cyberattack is impossible. That was our main goal. We cannot have any downtime on the platform, as this is extremely costly. We practically abolished the use of USB sticks and are also looking for other parts in the company where we may deploy a Fox Datadiode. This will further enhance security at our company.”

Glaucio Breder Soares, member of the Polvo oil platform maintenance team at Petrorio


Fox DataDiode certifications

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Protecting Critical Assets and Production Environments

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