Intelligence is context.

Real-time contextual cyber intelligence

Global visibility

InTELL tracks global criminal activity. We base our intelligence on actor attribution and context. Going beyond botnet & malware information, we provide a global picture of trends, geographical activity, actors, their motivations and their evolving business models. We provide all the links to campaigns, tactics, procedures and individual IoCs. Become part of a global community, with live threat tracking, collaboration, and the largest criminal threat database, with over 12 years of knowledge.


On top of the global threat landscape, we provide bespoke investigations. You start using any IoCs, and we take it from there. Follow the results in real-time, collaborate with our teams, and get alerted whenever there’s relevant information. We investigate malware, botnets, actors, recover stolen data, and correlate to known actors and groups. Whether you need C-level reporting or malware samples to tinker with, InTELL provides the narrative as well as the nitty gritty.

STIX / TAXII feeds

Get actionable with all of our IoCs, TTPs, campaign and actor attribution in the industry’s most contextual STIX feed. Fully compatible with STIX capable solutions such as Soltra Edge, InTELL feeds provides you with information you can digest in any SIEM, threat platform, risk engine, or in DetACT – real-time web and mobile analytics. Our feeds allow you to power your SOC or your detection processes without the need for cumbersome manual processes.

About InTELL.

Banks, retailers and corporates over four continents use InTELL’s real-time contextual cyber intelligence. InTELL provides them with three dimensions: global visibility on actor trends, threats and technology. Threat tracking provides an understanding of risks and threats to online brands. And contextual threat feeds fuel threat platforms, giving the ability to mitigate in real-time.

  • 20000 NEW IOCs PER DAY

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