Ethical Hacker

Ethical Hacker

You are curious, critical, and technically brilliant.

Your profile

You are curious, critical, and technically brilliant. An education at the higher vocational or academic level alone won’t cut it – even more so, it’s not a requirement. What is required is that you have to have the right mindset and make a real difference with your technical skills. You are familiar with common tools and creative in their use but won’t let yourself be limited by the possibilities of these tools.

Technical developments succeed each other at high speed and the outside world wants us to be ever better, smarter and more resourceful. We also handle innovative investigations (e.g. SCADA, Mobile, Espionage). That means you have to want to chart unknown waters and be ahead of the pack.

The position

We won’t tell you what a hacker does. If you are really interested in this field, you’ll know what penetration testing and security auditing mean.

You work for clients that consider confidentiality and reliability of the digital environment vital. We focus on financial institutions, government bodies, vital infrastructure, and organizations for which security is as important as breathing. We do work that is socially relevant and contributes to our mission: ‘for a more secure society’.

The perfect candidate…

  • Continues where others stop or are satisfied;
  • Can detect, demonstrate and report vulnerabilities;
  • Combines theoretical knowledge with hands on experience;
  • Has flair for technique and security.


If you recognize yourself in this description and see a match, let us know. Send your mail (with resume and motivation) to In case of questions please call Laura Voorsluijs at 00316 186 53 817.

Please note that you will not receive an automatic delivery confirmation, for security reasons. We will contact you within 8 working days;
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An extended screening is a part of our selection procedure.
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Help from R&S agencies is, for sure well intentioned, but (really) not necessary.

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