DetACT: Change detection

DetACT: Change detection

Finding and researching clever ways to detect changes in information.

Duration: 3-9 months

Level: HBO/WO


DetACT gives customers ability to analyze real-time web & mobile events from HTTP traffic. It is normal that the HTTP traffic and corresponding events change over time.

We would like to be informed about these changes, and automatically detect what changed where. The main problem is the shear amount of volume. Millions of HTTP-request an hour makes such analysis interesting.

As groundwork for this research we created methods that allow us to generalize information we receive. This internship will be about finding and researching clever ways to detect changes in this information.


  • Design creative ways to analyze millions of HTTP requests,
  • Detect changes in these HTTP requests over time,
  • Research which information should be given in what form, to help the analysis team best,
  • The project can be tailored to fit your expertise and interests.


  • Have a broad interest in digital forensics,
  • Be able to deal with complex technical challenges,
  • Be assertive,
  • Able to work individually,
  • Consult a team of experts who are at your disposal,
  • Have some experience in programming (preferably python).


Please share your CV and motivation with us (vacature[at] In case of questions please send us an email (vacature[at]

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