Yonathan Klijnsma

“Doing something you like, and getting paid for it”

Yonathan Klijnsma

Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst with the Security Research Team (SRT)

As a Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst with Fox-IT, Yonathan analyzes the latest technologies in cyber attacks. As well as analyzing new attacks and malware, he also does research on the groups performing the attacks: what are they doing, and do they pose a threat? Yonathan’s focus in his job is on espionage-related cases, because those are the most challenging: “And I like to solve difficult puzzles,” he says.

He wasn’t really attracted to general ICT disciplines so he choose to study international game architecture and design at the NHTV in Breda. “I had two options: the design discipline or the programming discipline.” He choose programming. “Just let me program for five years; that is what I like to do.” Yonathan worked at Fox-IT during his study and he stayed after his graduation to further develop his threat intelligence research skills.

Foxers work as one team

Fox-IT has a lot of technical people, from all kind of disciplines. That is what Yonathan likes about working here. “Together, we solve the most obscure problems. We are good at developing tailor made solutions. We’re a team, even though we do not work at the same departments.”

Excellent career opportunities

Fox-IT offers excellent career opportunities. Yonathan started with the monitoring department, but after a while he wanted to focus on research. Together with some colleagues, he got the opportunity to start a research team, which is now the Security Research Team (SRT). This team is a very important part of the Fox-IT’s Managed Security Services department. “Fox-IT offers a lot of opportunities, but you need to give a clear picture of the goals of your proposals.” A lot of the innovative Fox-IT services and products were developed by Foxers themselves.

Integrity to the max

When you become a Foxer, you should consider a few things: you have to be very good at your job and be able to be discreet about work-related information. That is why every new employee gets a screening; you will have a lot of responsibilities. Fox-IT works with highly confidential material; if you share secret information with someone, you can cause a lot of damage. It is crucial that you act with integrity.