Vincent de Vries

“An innovative company with excellent knowledge and great opportunities for employee development and growth”

Vincent de Vries

Senior Security Expert at the Audits department

Since he was young, Vincent has been interested in IT-security. During his studies in Information Security Management, he focused on the organizational and technical aspects of information security. While still a student, he began working as an analyst for the Security Operations Centre (SOC) at Fox-IT. When he graduated, he moved into the Audits Department, which is responsible for, among other things, simulating attacks on critical systems and infrastructures.

Such a switch to another department, he says, is typical of Fox-IT. “You enter as a SOC analyst and after your study you want to change in another direction in information security. And you get all the space to do it. You can develop yourself well here.”

Every day is different

As a Security Expert, Vincent looks for vulnerabilities in the security of customers’ IT systems and advises on how their IT security can be raised to a higher level. The search for vulnerabilities is carried out in a variety of ways: it depends on what the customer wants.

“That makes working in the auditing department also so interesting,” he says. “No day is exactly the same, because you always have a new challenge. On one day I can be doing a physical attack, and the next day I send phishing emails out to gain access to the internal network of a customer. With almost all assignments, it’s a creative process to find a way to get around existing security measures.”

Exciting work

Vincent works out of the office in Delft, but he regularly visits customers to assess networks or applications in person. “In the case of an attack on an internal network, often before lunch time we already become the domain administrator,” he says.

Excitement is often part of the job. “It is always thrilling when you, using social engineering, get inside an organization and especially if you hack their systems. You never know if you as the Red Team are detected by the Blue Team and if detected, you should of course try to stay a step ahead….” Vincent also regularly gives trainings to the employees of clients.

Learning and knowledge sharing

It is not surprising that Vincent still sees himself working at Fox-IT in five years. “It is a very nice company where learning and knowledge sharing are paramount,” he says. “Fox-IT also offers many opportunities for growth.” This describes the atmosphere within Fox-IT. “You get a lot of freedom and many things are possible. My colleagues are smart, highly skilled people who are always willing to answer your questions. You can contribute to various projects and really make a difference.”

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