Vera Schönfeldt

“Challenge on top of challenge”

Vera Schönfeldt

Legal Counsel

Vera is working as Legal Counsel in the Legal Department of Fox-IT since 2014. During her law studies, Vera became interested in the legal aspects of ICT. When she’d completed her degree, she began working for an IT company, which is where her real passion for IT began.

“To really get specialized knowledge, I followed a specialization course in IT while working at my previous job,” she says. “It was a very good decision. Due to the constant changes within the IT sector, developments in this area of law are constant, and so my work is always challenging. The rules are changing all the time.”

Never a dull moment

Vera regularly works on major projects and also frequently on urgent issues that arise. “It’s unpredictable. There’s no fixed schedule, and I like that,” she says. “No days are the same.” The Legal team works on, among other things, draft confidentiality contracts and agreements with customers. They also provide legal assistance in matters that must be purchased. In addition to that, Vera does research. “If a customer requests something other than how we usually operate, I check whether it is legal, but also if there are, for instance, different ways the contracts need to be arranged.”

Writing a good contract takes work. “I can only write a good contract,” Vera says, “if I know what every department does.” She says she often checks with her colleagues in other departments, and adds: “At Fox-IT everyone is willing to help each other.”

Continuous development

“I can continue to develop myself here, and there are always new challenges,” Vera says. “There is constant work. That’s what makes Fox-IT a very fun company to work for. I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon.”

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