Rutger Plak

"Colleagues become friends at Fox-IT"

Rutger Plak

Incident Handler at the FoxCERT team

Rutger came to Fox-IT by chance. While doing his master’s, he went to a company day in Delft and met Menno van der Marel, one of Fox-IT’s board members. Rutger applied for a job and joined Fox-IT immediately after graduation. He started as a Forensic IT Investigator, and after a while he became an Incident Handler at the FoxCERT team (Computer Emergency Response Team). His job connects well to his master’s in computer science, which he acquired at the Delft University of Technology. During his study, he did a lot of research on cyber crime and he still finds it a very interesting discipline.

Cyber incident? Immediate action!

Rutger explains his job as: “Ensuring cyber criminals make less profit. Or more precisely: Ensuring that it is difficult or nearly impossible for criminals to enter the systems of organizations and, if they do enter, making sure they are noticed immediately. The sooner they are detected, the less damage they can cause.” When a client reports a cyber incident, Rutger and his FoxCERT colleagues give quick feedback and they advise the client on what measures to take, so the damage can be minimized.

Never a dull day

What Rutger likes about his job, is that he meets a lot of interesting people and visits all kinds of organizations. “Never a dull day,” he says. He works irregular hours, because you never know when an incident will occur. “Sometimes, you drive or fly to a customer by night or in the weekend.” But Rutger doesn’t consider that as a problem: “When I’m on duty, I am ready to hit the road.”

Colleagues and friends

“Maybe I’m a bit of a workaholic, but I don’t mind.” Rutger and his colleagues often work long weeks. “My colleagues are very relaxed. I never expected to make friends at work, but that’s how it goes at Fox-IT. Working with friends is great.”