Rombert Anjema

“Pairing technology and the needs of the client: that is a nice challenge”

Rombert Anjema

Account Manager FoxAcademy

Since 2014, Rombert has the pleasure of working as an Account Manager for FoxAcademy. He once heard an interesting interview with Ad Scheepsbouwer, then a board member of Fox-IT, on BNR, a Dutch news radio station. When Rombert later had the opportunity to work at Fox-IT, he thought back to that interview and the impression it had made on him. “My first impression was right,” he says, “It’s a great company to work for.”

Sports and studies

Rombert earned his bachelor’s in Commercial Economy at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, following the so-called Topsport Academy — a unique programme for sports-driven professionals. He had a background in tennis and squash, as an athlete and a coach. “For athletes, there is a separate programme in which you have approximately two days a week for studying and the rest of the time to focus on your sport.”

“When I started at Fox-IT, I had no experience in IT. I have gained the knowledge through my job here. The drive to improve yourself and to perform well every day, and also to help other people achieve their goals: that is something I learned during my athletic career. And I apply it in my daily work at Fox-IT.”

Learning from colleagues

Fox-IT is a technical company with many smart people who come up with amazing, innovative solutions. The Sales Team, which Rombert is part of, brings these solutions to the clients. We have account managers with years of experience and young colleagues with one years’ sales experience. The focus lies on working together and sharing knowledge. This enables us to find the right solution for our clients quickly.

Not yet finished

“I am proud to be working with one of the finest cyber security companies in Europe,” Rombert says. “And to develop knowledge and skills that make organizations safer, and thereby contribute to a safer society. That is the mission of FoxAcademy, and that’s pretty cool.”

Rombert’s time at Fox-IT is far from finished: “FoxAcademy is still relatively young,” he says. “In the current marketplace, new developments come quickly. Because we want to continue to meet the needs of our customers, we continue to develop study programmes. FoxAcademy continues to evolve and grow. That is sufficient challenge for me.”

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