Ramona Schomaker

"From cleaner to assistant Office Management"

Ramona Schomaker

Assistant Office Management

Ramona is working at the Office Management department since 2015. Her work is very diverse, ranging from, for example, receiving guests at the reception area to answering the main office phone, and from booking travel for colleagues to helping organize Fox-IT events.

Seizing opportunities

Ramona is a great example of a Foxer who was given the opportunity to take a new role in the company. “I started in 2014 as a cleaner,” she recalls. “When the Office Management (OM) urgently needed additional support, I grabbed my chance. I went to the HR department and applied.” It was exciting, because she had not followed a course as a receptionist. She had a background in retail, which is something completely different. But Fox-IT saw her potential.

“I got the job. I’m still so happy and grateful to have been given the chance to show what I can do. It’s a fun, busy job with a lot of responsibilities. I have wonderful colleagues and a lot of contact with customers and associates. It is never dull.”

A chance to grow

At Fox-IT, employees are given the chance to grow, and the company invests in its people through trainings and courses. “Fox-IT receives many visitors daily, and visitors must identify themselves. I have therefore done a training course in ‘reading’ ID cards, so I am well able to judge whether an ID is real or fake,” she says. “And Fox-IT is becoming increasingly international, so mastery of the English language is becoming more important. Soon I will follow a course in English. It’s very nice and especially helpful!”

Ramona adds: “Fox-IT is good to its employees, and I go to work happily every day. I hope I can do so for a long time to come.”

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