Joep Clasquin

"Perfect match: ambitious boy in an ambitious company"

Joep Clasquin

Regional Sales Executive InTELL and DetACT

Joep has had a nice journey at Fox-IT so far; he started as a trainee and is now Regional Sales Executive for the DetACT/InTELL department. As a business economics student at the The Hague University of Applied Sciences, he began his internship at Fox-IT in 2014. He later started as the business assistant for the account managers of the InTELL/DetACT department, and quickly leapt up the ladder: “Currently, I am responsible for the business development of InTELL and DetACT in Australia, Asia, the Gulf Region and Africa. While our analysts monitor the financial cyber crime developments globally, I investigate how Fox-IT can support financial organizations in their fight against cyber crime. I make contacts and maintain relationships with our clients.”

For a more secure society

“Everything is getting digitalized, and criminals who take advantage of this should be stopped. Fox-IT is a worldwide key player in this fight. Companies and organizations who get support from Fox-IT can safely develop their activities and business in the digital world and simultaneously contribute to a more secure society.”

Smartest minds

What’s it like to work at Fox-IT? “Cool”, Joep says. “I work with the smartest specialists from the Netherlands, or actually from all over the world. From Brazil, to Spain and South Korea: Fox-IT brings together the smartest minds to develop their innovative products and services. And also important, they are very nice people to work with.”

Winning is great

Joep is ambitious. When he started as a Business Assistant, his goal was to get his own countries and become manager of his own region. Currently, he focuses on developing business for DetACT/InTELL globally, providing organizations with intelligence and event analytics. “InTELL and DetACT are great products,” he says. “They bring global visibility of the threat landscape and context of the cyber attacks, and counter measures to mitigate risks.”

Joep’s manager fully supports his ambitions. He can attend trainings when he likes and his colleagues support him when needed. “I am very much in favour of sharing knowledge. If I have questions, I can always turn to my colleagues, and vice versa.”

Joep will likely still work with Fox-IT five years from now, because there are still plenty of goals for him to achieve. “Together with my colleagues, I want to make Fox-IT the leading cyber security company in the world. Because winning is great!”

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