Gina Doekhie

"Fox-IT encourages you and opens new paths"

Gina Doekhie

Forensic IT Expert at the Forensics and Incident Response department

Gina is Forensic IT Expert in Fox-IT’s Forensics and Incident Response department. Before Gina came to Fox-IT, she graduated with a double master’s from the University of Amsterdam. She was good at math and liked technology, so she chose to study Artificial Intelligence (AI) for her bachelor’s, which she describes as: “ICT combined with psychology, simulating the mind of a human being on a computer.” After graduating, she started a master’s with a specialization in Forensic Intelligence, but later decided to do a second master’s in Forensic Science, where she learned all about DNA, fingerprints, trace evidence and forensic processes. “Fox-IT offers the best of both worlds, so digital forensic examiner fits me perfectly”, says Gina.

Setting priorities

Gina works on digital forensics, but she also does training sessions and helps with e-discovery cases. Her work is very diverse. “If a client calls because an incident occurred, we must act quickly.” In such cases, Gina first conducts an intake interview with the client, and then draws a plan of action. If the client agrees, the data will be secured in the Fox-IT lab. “When that’s done, the real investigation can begin.”

Great challenge

Gina also worked at the Managed Security Services (MSS) department for a while. “The MSS department monitors 24/7 our clients’ systems and networks. They detect, investigate and resolve cyber threats and suspicious activity, such as hacking, data leaks or virus outbreaks. I helped MSS redesigning a system that handles large amounts of data. My knowledge of artificial intelligence algorithms was very useful to analyze and recognize data patterns. And that’s what I like about Fox-IT: you get the opportunity to work for other departments. Others see what you are good at and the contribution you can make. That’s a great challenge.”

Continuous learning

Gina sees herself still working at Fox-IT in her current position five years from now, and wants to become a judicial expert. “There is still a lot I can learn at Fox-IT. You can continue to develop yourself here. As a legal expert, I can advise the court of the probative value of digital evidence. I would also like to write a scientific paper on a Fox-IT topic.”

Gina in the media

‘Security meets Fashion’ in the Marie Claire from February 2017.


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