Erik Biemans

"Working with the smartest nerds from the Netherlands and beyond."

Erik Biemans

Head of the DetACT Fraud Analysis team

When he was a little boy, Erik already was interested in anything with buttons — for example, programming the video recorder. He was very happy when he got his first computer, and has not been able to be without one since. “Ever since I was ten years old, I knew I wanted to do something with computers and technology, and when I was older IT-security.”

When he started his computer science study at the Delft University of Technology, he did not know which IT-discipline he wanted to focus on, but during his study, he found he liked the security discipline more and more, and he became interested in cyber security. “IT security is a really important part of the operational management of organizations and it will continue developing,” he says. He also notes: “And there are also plenty of jobs available for talented IT security specialists.”

From trainee to head of the Fraud Analysis team

In 2012, Erik began as an intern at Fox DataDiode, and was later offered a job. Because he didn’t want to focus on programming, he was very happy that he could start as a fraud analyst at the DetACT department . It was a good decision to switch to another department, because now he is head of the DetACT Fraud Analysis team. He also works as a fraud analyst. “DetACT is a system that helps banks to prevent online banking fraud. Our team makes sure that DetACT is always able to detect and avoid the newest and most advanced threats. We also train bank employees to use the system in the best possible way.”

Smart, passionate nerds

“The smartest nerds from the Netherlands work at Fox-IT. And not only from the Netherlands; security specialists from all over the world contribute to the innovative products of Fox-IT. It’s great to work here. We are all passionate nerds and we all have the same vision. We all contribute to our common goal: a more secure society.”

Erik likes the fact that the executives are also cyber security specialists. “It’s important that they know what they are talking about. They know how an HTTP header works,” Erik says. “People are more motivated in their jobs when their manager knows what they’re talking about.”

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