Working at Fox-IT

Doing something you like, and getting paid for it!

Working at Fox-IT

We are a group of unique people, each with our own special skills, both personal and professional. But we are a tightly knit team and operate as a unit. This remarkable situation is explained in our manifesto, which provides an accurate representation of this uniformity through our culture and our core values.

At Fox-IT you have a lot of freedom in how you carry out your job. This requires a high degree of personal responsibility but it also offers a wealth of opportunities. The main priority is that you do your job well. In addition to your core tasks, there is room to research and test new techniques. We are an innovative organization, focused on the continuous improvement and development of knowledge. With our products and services we strive for the very best. “Foxers” are proud of Fox and of our reputation. Every Foxer carries the responsibility to maintain this position and reputation and is expected to actively contribute.

For a more secure society!

Fox also distinguishes itself through its large number of (IT) enthusiasts who express their passion for IT in many different ways. They might show their excitement in an informal setting such as over lunch or drinks, but also share their knowledge in Tech Talks, or provide training through the FoxAcademy. This shows our dedication to Fox-IT and Security & IT, both inside our organization and outside. It is important to us that we maintain this fun and professional, yet informal working environment.

That is why we are always looking for new Foxers. If you possess the characteristics described in this profile and if you can see yourself as a Foxer, please respond to one of our job openings or send us an unsolicited job application.

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