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Security Awareness Officer

Take this one-day training course to help you improve the security awareness level in your organisation.

  • Next date:November 6, 2020
  • Length:1 day
  • Costs:€ 750,- plus VAT (including lunch and training course materials)
  • November 6, 2020Fox-IT, Delft
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Security Awareness Officer training

Recent research shows that 83% of companies consider their employees as the weakest link in their organisation. Hackers use various social engineering techniques to hack companies.
This training course is aimed at professionals who aim to improve the cyber security awareness in their organisation.


• Defining risks within the organisation
• Identifying people as the weakest link: employee behaviour and how hackers use it
• Involving the entire organisation in security awareness
• Determining the level of security awareness in the organisation based on the Security Awareness Maturity Model
• Various ways to enhance your security awareness programme:
– Training courses
– E-learning
– Events
– Newsletters
– Hack demo
• Measuring the security awareness level in your organisation

After completing the Security Awareness Officer training course:

• You will know what the main risks in your organisation are
• You will be able to raise attention for these risks
• You will have the tools to mitigate risks by improving security awareness

Who is the Security Awareness Officer training course for?

This training course is intended for employees who are responsible for security awareness (CISO, Security Officer) in your organisation – now or in the future.

Prior knowledge required

There is no specific prior knowledge required for this training course.

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