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Incident Response

This training course shows you step-by-step how to carry out a reliable digital forensic investigation

  • Length:3 days
  • Costs:€ 1.875,- plus VAT (including lunch and training course materials)

Incident Response training

There are many different types of incidents, some small and some larger with serious implications for your organisation. It is important to know what an incident is exactly and how to identify it.
This is a three-day training course and you will test your newly acquired knowledge on the last day by analyzing an incident, under time pressure.


Day 1:
• Incident response methods
• Digital forensic methods
• Securing data carriers
• Basic hard disks and file systems
• Data recovery
• Memory analysis and security

Day 2:
• Windows register
• Windows events logs
• Timeline analysis
• Enterprise forensics

Day 3:
• The incident response challenge

After completing the Incident Response training course:

• You will know how an incident response process works, and what you need
• You will know how to secure evidence and how to handle this
• You will experience time pressure during an incident and learn how to cope with it
• You will know the basic principles of forensic analysis on Windows systems

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