First Responder

Take this one-day training course so you know what to do when an incident occurs. You will also learn the basic principles of forensic analysis.

  • Next date:November 1, 2021
  • Length:1 day
  • Costs:€ 750,- plus. VAT
  • November 1, 2021Fox-IT, Delft / Online
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All our open courses are delivered in Dutch. For an in company english course, contact Academy cyber incident and the response process that follows is often considered as complex. This is even the case when an external party handles the incident response. After all, the organisation’s own IT staff needs to provide information from the moment when an incident occurs and throughout the entire process. Nobody knows the infrastructure better than the IT administrators and security staff employed by the organisation itself. Unfortunately, it turns out that the IT staff of many organisations do not know which information and which procedures are essential during an incident response process.

This is why Fox-IT offers a one-day training course to explain what needs to happen the moment when an incident occurs and what the basic principles of forensic analysis are. The negative impact of an incident will then be reduced as much as possible, so that everyone can quickly go back to ‘business as usual’.

Topics of the First Responder training

• Basic forensic analysis
• Basic principles of digital forensic investigation
• Hosts and network data collection
• Compromised systems
• Incident Response life cycle
• Critical factors during an incident
• Live data collection and triage
• Working methods of attackers and malware

After completing the First responder course

You will be able to take the first basic steps after an incident occurs, and you will prevent the most frequently made mistakes.

Who is the first responder course for?

IT Security employees, Security Officers, IT Administrators, Network Administrators and CISOs.

Prior knowledge required

A basic knowledge of IT and Operating Systems.

First Responder

Training First Responder

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