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For Government & Defense

Stream information to your network: zero compromise on security


The security and protection of confidential information and secrets is vital. To prevent data breaches, current acceptable practice is to store information on disconnected and isolated networks. The problem: this is not real-time, not monitored 24×7 and ineffective. Moreover, it is error prone and the actual level of security is debatable. The Fox DataDiode is your solution.

What is the Fox DataDiode?

The Fox DataDiode is a cross-domain solution reconciling the seemingly contradictory requirements of high assurance and free flow of information. Its guaranteed one-way network connectivity makes sure you can securely and smoothly transfer information in real-time, 24×7. Meaning immediate and safe access to the latest external intelligence from within your protected and secured environment. While taking into account the rules and regulations for handling secret information. With certifications such as NATO TOP SECRET and Common Criteria EAL7+, the Fox DataDiode is the highest evaluated and certified IT security product in the world.

It’s all about protecting secrets

Automate and accelerate the process of adding information to confidential and high security networks, without compromising security of data.

The Fox DataDiode is extremely reliable and can be deployed in a high availability (no single point of failure) configuration. Be able to smoothly and securely transfer data in real-time, 24×7. Thanks to the unidirectional network connection.

Prevent data breaches and non repudiation of confidential and classified information and trust data integrity with the Fox DataDiode; a 100% guaranteed one-way network connection that will protect your high security networks. Always.

Highest certification
The Fox DataDiode has received extensive independent confirmation of its security claims. Certifications such as NATO (TOP SECRET and Green Scheme) and achieving the highest Common Criteria evaluation possible: EAL7+ prove it.

Fox-IT is the market leader in one-way traffic technology. We are deploying the Fox DataDiode for our clients, for instance: the Italian Ministry of Defence. We do this to protect their critical infrastructures and secured networks. It is mainly the certification and the ease with which the DataDiode integrates into a network that we believe to be important. In their support Fox-IT are professional, open-minded, flexible and helpful.
Maurizio Corti, security company Heimdall Consulting

Fox DataDiode certifications

The Fox DataDiode is approved for use up to and including NATO SECRET (NS). The diode is used under the NATO Evaluation Scheme GREEN.

The Fox DataDiode has been awarded the highest possible certification of the Common Criteria scheme: EAL7+.


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