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High-security network encryption for the tactical and mobile domain.

A solution for reliable and secure network communication between server rooms, command posts, vehicles and colleagues in the field is not easy to realize.

SkyTale is a product family for encrypting IP networks that Fox Crypto developed for Defence applications.

The goal: securing critical to state-secret network data over various carrier networks, such as ad-hoc WiFi, LTE, SatCom, Radio and Ethernet.

The solution is available in various form factors and suitable for server rooms, shelters, vehicles and mobile applications.


Use cases

SkyTale has various applications and is suitable for transferring information from strategic to tactical scenarios.

  • SkyTale / DCV: Payload Encryption, combined with the Ad-Hoc Router, for tactical military vehicles, can be deployed in various tactical situations, including in the mobile and radio domain.
  • SkyTale / DSS: primarily intended for use in server rooms, shelters and command vehicles.


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