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Use this platform to exchange digital files securely.

You share information with colleagues and clients all day, every day. When the information is confidential, you need to use a safe platform. E-mail is an option, but encryption has to be applied in the right way and implementing encryption is expensive, cumbersome and time-consuming. E-mail is also not very suitable for sending large files. (Free) cloud solutions for exchanging files are not considered safe by many organizations because of the risk of espionage, viruses, incorrect addressing or hacking.

Our solution

The ClientPortal is a safe, easy-to-use platform for exchanging all types of digital files. The portal is a web application, accessible by a browser, so you don’t have to install software. The portal is able to transfer extreme large files and can be designed according to your corporate identity.

Safe communications

The entire communication between your browser and the ClientPortal is encrypted via https. You can only log in using two-factor authentication. All uploaded files are encrypted and get a unique password, which the receiver has to apply to download the files. With these safety measures, even the server administrators aren’t able to read the files.

We deliver the portal as a total solution of hardware and software or hosted in our Fox-IT data centre. There, we host your server in an extra secure environment with its own alarm system, 24/7 monitoring and, of course, more than sufficient bandwidth.

Crypto Technology

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