Crypto Technology

Fox Crypto, part of Fox-IT, supplies cryptographic products and services to sectors and organisations that need the best security. We offer High Assurance products and services to organizations that need the highest level of preventive security available to protect against the most sophisticated actor groups: defense agencies, central government and NATO. We also see a significant increase in demand from the critical infrastructure sectors such as the oil and gas industry and the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) space.

The solution

Our business unit Crypto offers solutions for the protection of data storage and data communications up to the highest security levels. We support you in using the advantages of modern digital technology to mitigate the security risks regarding the security of your sensitive information. We dispose of all specialist knowledge and experience, needed to solve security issues, especially where standard products don’t comply anymore, and offer tailored solutions for any security situation. For this, we designed and developed a series of high-security technologies and products.

Security level

We offer solutions for the protection of data storage and –communication, on the supreme security level. We support organisations by the use of modern digital technologies, so they do not have to worry about securing sensitive information. We also feature the specialized knowledge and experience that is needed to solve security issues. To do this we developed a series of high security technologies and products. If the standard solutions no longer meet, we can develop customized solutions.

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