Threat Intelligence

Managed Intelligence Service

We can inform you of suspicious online activities, as well as leaked or stolen data found outside your organisation.

  • Benefit from Fox-IT’s depth and breadth of experience and can be up and running quickly without the need to hire and maintain additional personnel.
  • Provide contextual and actionable incident reports allowing quicker and more effective mitigation of the risk.
  • MIS is integrated with our MDR solution and platform, giving you a full view of internal and external cyber threat monitoring activity.

With cyber-attacks becoming more frequent and sophisticated, organizations are increasingly exposed to reputational, legislative, financial and operational risks. The growing digital footprint of web, social and mobile channels further compounds the opportunities and likelihood of attacks while limiting what’s can be controlled directly.

In addition to the expanding digital footprint, today’s organizations face the following challenges:
• It typically takes weeks before a breach is detected.
• New legislation and regulations penalize late reporting of breaches and leaks.

Organizations need to start looking beyond their perimeter to identify and monitor threats before they materialize into attacks. This is time-consuming and costly, and requires specialized expertise.

The solution

Managed Intelligence Service (MIS) brings our world-class threat intelligence expertise to you in a highly effective, cost efficient, customizable and flexible solution. It monitors a wide range of open and closed sources to find external risks related to the digital footprint of an organization.


Hosted from Fox-IT’s Intelligence Operations Centers, highly skilled analysts gather, classify and notify you about the fast-moving, ever-changing threats that can impact the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of your core assets and business. Doing this on your own does not only require a high level of expertise, but it is also time-consuming and costly. As a managed service, MIS brings our world-class expertise to you in a highly effective and cost efficient manner.


Managed Intelligence Service (MIS) complements and can integrate with your internal threat monitoring program, such as Fox-IT Cyber Threat Monitoring (CTM) services or other Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions you might already have in place. Combined, you benefit from proactive cyber vigilance that monitors and mitigates threats from the outside in, protecting your most vital organizational assets from intellectual property to reputation and minimizing financial and productivity losses while assuring business continuity.

Managed Intelligence Service checks for

• Leaked passwords.
• Leaked sensitive information.
• Publicly available systems.
• Compromised systems.
• Typo squat domains.
• DDoS Intelligence.
• Phishing.
• Customer specific requests.

Source types

• Sharing sites like PasteBin.
• Network scanning sites like Shodan.
• 3rd party services like VirusTotal.
• Domain intell for typosquat attacks.
• Codesharing services like GitHub.
• Proprietary sources.

Example customer results

  • Identified hard coded user names and passwords in an executable file shared on the internet.
  • Found typo squat domain name being created on anonymity network.
  • Located an uploaded document that contained doctor privileged, sensitive information.
  • Observed a poorly protected boardroom conferencing system connected to the internet


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Business Development Manager
Managed Intelligence Service

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