Security Strategy & Roadmap

Determine the required security level for your organisation. Ask Fox-IT to draw up a step-by-step plan to achieve this level.

  • Identify your current cyber security maturity.
  • Determine the required level of cyber security.
  • Specific action plan for improving your cyber security.

Based on the risks relevant to your organisation and the preferred level of cyber security, you want to know which efforts and investments will be involved. To achieve this, your organisation will need to make choices regarding various potential solutions. For instance, which technical steps could be taken to mitigate your organisation’s vulnerabilities. However, you could also choose to optimise your work processes or to increase the awareness of your employees. Which choices are most optimal for your organisation? And are these aligned with your objectives and the investments available to achieve them?

The Solution

Attaining your objectives in the field of cyber security will require a clear plan of action. That’s how you clarify how you will achieve your desired cyber security goals and what it will take. It will also identify which colleagues will have to take an active role and which investments are involved in achieving a higher level of maturity. Having a strategy and a targeted action plan (road map) provides management involvement and the ability to monitor whether your organisation is still on track.

Security Strategy & Roadmap

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In order to achieve the intended development in cyber security, it is important to have a clear strategy. Starting from your current level of cyber security, we will work in collaboration with you to define guiding principles. Combinded, these will constitute the cyber security strategy. These principles will identify the priorities, focus areas, choices and tactics that need to be followed to reach the intended level of maturity. We will break down this strategy into specific actions, which are most essential for your organisation.


Delivering a systematic, specific and action-oriented plan to enhance your cyber security, tailoredto  your organisation.

Why Fox-IT

Our advisors will clarify which choices need to be made in order to make your cyber security a success. They will support you in reaching your cyber security goals, while keeping a close eye on the specific features, possibilities and impossibilities of your organisation. Our specialists blend technical and organisational insights, and provide innovative answers to your cyber security challenges Our method is action-oriented and pragmatic: our solutions will always be proportionate, specific and feasible for implementation.

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