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Take advantage of high-quality security knowledge and security expertise. Let us coach your organisation on cyber security issues.


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Many organisations need support in enhancing their cyber security. In this context, it is crucial that their employees  remain in control and are able to learn from the issues being addressed. You may not be looking for an external specialist to take all your work off your hands. Your organisation needs to be able to make maximum use of the knowledge and expertise brought in from outside. You want to learn fast, avoid pitfalls and get hands-on, targeted advice, preferably by specialists with relevant skills that are available on demand.

The solution

We provide flexible support in achieving your security ambitions. Our experienced advisors are able to support your organisation and colleagues as security coaches. This allows us to provide an optimal alignment between your need for external support, your work processes and the desired results.

Security Coaching

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Based on your specific need for support we will team you up with a suitable  advisor.. This advisor will work with you – or your team – to design a coaching agenda. This agenda will guide the involvement of the security coach, stating clearly which issues need to be addressed  . It is also possible to provide flexible support.. In that case, the security coach will be available for a number of hours agreed on within the specified period.


Security coaching offers various benefits for your organisation. It will help you enhance the security of your organisation and accelerate the internal change process through our targeted deployment. Our coach can also play a decisive role in finding and maintaining the preferred pace of progress as well as achieving your security objectives.  Security coaching provides a flexible way of working in which you can benefit from our knowledge and expertise within the agreed statement of work. You can also utilize this deployment as a driver for the internal change process. You may also use our coach to make sure that we will continue to challenge you and your team.

Why Fox-IT

Our senior advisors have a wide range of experience in organisation and management . They regularly serve as coaches for various clients, and they are used to work for  more complex and cyber-mature organisations. Our advisors always mobilise the high-quality technical and operational expertise that Fox-IT is known for.

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