Think as a hacker – for IT teams

This listed investment bank has been working with two IT teams for years and wanted to increase its focus on security.

What did they want to achieve?

  • Increase the security awareness in these teams;
  • Gain more knowledge and insight into the attack techniques and mindset of hackers;
  • Have fun, do team-building, and improve teamwork.

How did we do it?

We have given our Attack & Defend training course several times at this client’s location. The participants studied the attack side, and then started to work on the defence themselves. Another part of this course was two hack challenges, in which one IT team competed with the other fellow IT team. By organising these challenges in the evening as a pizza session, the participants felt it was more like a fun team activity.

What was the result?

After these training courses, the team immediately came up with critical questions about possible security issues in the client’s current environment. The client concluded that this training course was an immediate success, based on knowledge and behaviour.

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