Technical Assessment

Identify the technological vulnerabilities in your current IT architecture and decrease the risk of incidents. Mitigate the risk of any incidents.

  • Up-to-date insight into technical vulnerabilities.
  • Mitigate the risk and impact of current exploits.
  • Improved technical protection against malicious parties.

You want to know where your organisation is vulnerable to cyber crime. Separate from the organisation and in particular your employees, the primary vulnerabilities are embedded in your IT systems. After all, the specific characteristics of your architecture determine the extent of your organisation’s vulnerability to cyber crime from a technical perspective. Malicious parties are actively looking for deficiencies in the design and management of your IT environment in order to exploit them. New technological innovations and alliances – such as the Cloud – also result in more complexity and the introduction of new vulnerabilities.

The solution

Our Technical Assessment provides insight into the technological vulnerabilities in your organisation. We will start with your key processes and information sources, and then investigate how your technical systems could be protected more effectively. In that investigation, we will determine from an attacker’s perspective where your information technology is actually vulnerable to cyber risks and offer you insight into the technical vulnerabilities of your organisation. By doing so, we will help you to mitigate the risks and impact of cyber crime.

Technical Assessment

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We analyse your network infrastructure to assess whether and to what extent your current architecture can provide sufficient resistance to current security threats. Using standards, reference architectures and our years of experience, we assess whether your IT infrastructure meets the relevant security specifications for your type of organisation. We do so by analysing network schematics and conducting an amount of targeted in-depth interviews with IT specialists. The results will be presented in our report and prioritised based on a risk classification.  After that, we will share our key findings with the relevant people in your organisation.


We provide you with a concise report to offer insight into the technical risks that are not (sufficiently) controlled, which of these risks present the biggest threat based on a risk and impact assessment, and how the technical risks we identified can be mitigated most effectively based on the expertise available at Fox-IT. Based on our hands-on recommendations for technical and non-technical solutions, you will be able to permanently fortify the IT security of your organisation in terms of prevention, detection and response.

Why Fox-IT

Based on our intelligence, incident response and pen-testing practice, we have up-to-date knowledge of priorities, technical vulnerabilities and potential attack pathways. We know which tactics attackers use to exploit such vulnerabilities and access your greatest treasures. As a result, we are able to thoroughly examine your IT environment and give your organisation hands-on advice to boost the resilience of your IT architecture.

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