Response Readiness Assessment

Are you ready to respond to a cyber incident? Find out before a cyber attack finds you!

  • Independent rating of your teams capabilities on reacting to cyber attacks.
  • Get to know which parts of your organisation need improvement.
  • Realistic assessment based on incident response.
Nowadays, data breaches, hack attempts, malware outbreaks, fraud, and other interference’s related to the IT infrastructure often require a solid digital investigation. To be prepared for such an investigation, Fox-IT’s Response Readiness Assessment is exactly what you need.

The Solution

Being ready to respond will reduce investigation lead-time and therefore costs, while improving its quality. Also, root cause analysis of incidents will have a greater chance of being successful and it will produce more detailed results. It also will greatly help in preventing and mitigating incidents and it will further improve the security posture of your organization as a whole. Whether or not legal requirements apply, response ready organizations can gather and preserve credible, reliable, forensically sound evidence. Fox-IT’s experienced Forensics and Incident Response team will assist in improving the response readiness at your organization.

Incident Respons Assessment

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Goal of the assessment

The main goal of a Response Readiness Assessment is to provide you with advice and recommendations on how to establish a higher level of response readiness maturity. Fox-IT will establish the current level of response readiness at your organization and will present recommendations in order to reach a measurable higher maturity level.

Why Fox-IT

Fox-IT is capable of creating a multi-dimensional image of the organisational and technological cyber security structure. Based on our intelligence, incident response and pen-testing practice, we have up-to-date knowledge of any technological vulnerabilities and resulting risks. We know the tactics that attackers use to exploit such vulnerabilities. As a result, we are able to thoroughly examine your IT environment and give your organisation hands-on advice to enhance security and mitigate acquisition risks.

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