M&A Cyber Due Diligence

Identify the risks involved in a takeover, merger or disinvestment you are planning.

  • Insight into cyber risks for the acquisition target.
  • Taking inventory of the current cybersecurity status.
  • Designing an improvement programme for optimising cyber security for the acquisition target.

An accurate overview of the business risks is crucial, especially when you are considering mergers, acquisitions and disinvestments. Has the company network been infiltrated without anyone noticing? If so, what is the extent of the damage? How vulnerable is the to be acquired company to cyber attacks? How must the company protect itself and at what cost? The answers to these questions can be decisive in the investment case and in negotiations about price and transaction terms.

The solution

Fox-IT offers a wide range of transaction-related services for cyber due diligence services to resolve various client questions – on the sales side as well as on the purchase side. Services range from red flag assessments to detailed investigations into the causes and sources of identified risks, linked to a specific action plan with recommendations and an estimate of the required investments.

M&A Cyber Due Diligence

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Based on our analysis, we will identify risks and assess the impact from a technological as well as a business perspective. This will provide you insight into the cyber security maturity of the potential candidate. We will help you improve their security posture as needed, by providing a focused security remediation plan.


Our transaction-related services provide clients valuable insights into investment decisions, help investors keep cyber risks under control, and help sellers provide transparency to potential bidders. The scope and depth of our due diligence services can be tailored to each specific situation and are therefore applicable regardless of the type of transaction involved.

Why Fox-IT

Fox-IT is capable of creating a multi-dimensional image of the organisational and technological cyber security structure. Based on our intelligence, incident response and pen-testing practice, we have up-to-date knowledge of any technological vulnerabilities and resulting risks. We know the tactics that attackers use to exploit such vulnerabilities. As a result, we are able to thoroughly examine your IT environment and give your organisation hands-on advice to enhance security and mitigate acquisition risks.

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