Cyber Security Assessment

Determine the major cyber risks. Decide on the level of cyber security your organisation needs.

  • Insight into cyber risks.
  • Determine current cyber security status.
  • Improvement programme for optimising your cyber security.

You want to optimise the cyber security of your organisation. You want to know which risks are real and what impact these will have on your operations. You also want to know if your organisation’s current security efforts and investments are sufficient, and to what extent. Moreover, you require a hands-on improvement program that suits your organisation, which you can use to raise cyber security to the intended level.

The solution

With Fox-IT’s Cyber Security Assessment (‘CSA’), we provide your organisation with a comprehensive overview of your key digital assets, relevant technical and non-technical vulnerabilities, security risks, and your current level of cyber maturity. We also provide you with a specific and action-oriented plan for the systematic improvement of your cyber security.


Our Cyber Security Assessment (‘CSA’) offers you an encompassing approach to fundamentally enhance the cyber security of your organisation. We do so systematically and from different perspectives, both technical and non-technical. We also conduct the CSA from a change perspective: it is imperative that your organisation knows where it stands and what will still be needed to reach a sufficient level of cyber security. Getting management and top-ranking officials involved is an essential part of the CSA. We thus actively involve your management and work with them to determine the necessary steps for developing a targeted improvement program.


Fox-IT’s Cyber Security Assessment provides valuable insights to design your cyber security from a risk-based perspective with the full commitment of management. We provide the following deliverables:

  • An overview of your business-critical assets;
  • Prioritised overview of your primary business risks in a business risk profile;
  • Insight into your current technical vulnerabilities, on the level of your architecture as well as on the level of specific measures;
  • Increased security awareness for all those involved, directly or indirectly;
  • Clarity about the cyber security ambitions that your organisation wants to achieve and the principles to follow in achieving those ambitions;
  • A clear step-by-step plan to achieve the target level of cyber security.

Support and coaching for the required changes and implementation activities to achieve the intended level of cyber security.

Why Fox-IT

Our experienced advisors mobilise their technical knowledge and expertise in the field of organisational change to come up with the solutions that are the best fit for your company. They assess your situation from various angles – people, organisation and technology – and from different perspectives that will help you control your cyber risks: intelligence, prevention, detection and response.

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