Cloud Security Assessment

Assess how secure your cloud services and suppliers are and identify the risks relevant to your organisation.

  • Up-to-date insights into technical vulnerabilities.
  • Mitigate the risk and impact of current exploits.
  • Improved technical protection against malicious parties.

Today, cloud services introduce additional complexity to the services that organisations provide. For various reasons, data, software and technology are increasingly outsourced. You use cloud services to support your business processes and want to know the extent to which the configuration of these services is resilient against cyber crime.

The design as well as the configuration of cloud services can lead to deficiencies that undermine the integrity of the configuration, which can be exploited by malicious parties. You want to identify these vulnerabilities and respond adequately.

The solution

Our Cloud Assessment will provide insight into the shortcomings with regard to your cloud services. We will assess your cloud set up from various angles: after all, cloud services have technical and organisational aspects. To that end, we will be investigating the design choices that led to the current configuration. By means of a thorough analysis of the cloud services, we determine the extent to which the choices you made have been sufficient in providing effective resilience against attackers.

Cloud Security Assessment

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We analyse your cloud design, configuration and security set up (SAAS, PAAS, IAAS). We do so by analysing network drawings, conducting several targeted in-depth interviews with IT specialists and performing a thorough analysis of your cloud services. During the analysis phase, the risks are investigated and then prioritised and reported based on estimated probability and impact. After that, we will share our key findings with the relevant people in your organisation.


By conducting a Cloud Assessment, you will be able to recognise your Cloud security risks and implement appropriate security controls. We provide you with a concise report containing recommendations on your configuration choices, best practices and relevant threats. Based on our advisory work, you will be able to fortify the technical and organisational security of your Cloud services.

Why Fox-IT

Fox-IT is capable of creating a multi-dimensional image of your organisational and technical configuration. Based on our intelligence, incident response and penetration-testing practice, we have up-to-date knowledge of any technical vulnerabilities and resulting potential risks. We also know the tactics that attackers use to exploit such vulnerabilities. As a result, we are able to thoroughly examine your cloud services and give your organisation hands-on advice to boost your security.

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