Training Programs

Improve your teams’ knowledge and skills within the specific context of your own organisation.

  • Cybersecurity training programmes customized to the needs of your organisation
  • Given by Fox-IT experts based on knowledge and expertise
  • Provided entirely by Fox-IT at our location or yours

Your organisation occupies an exceptional place in the threat landscape, or you would like to train a lot of employees at once. This could make it interesting for you to have Fox-IT put together a training course tailored to your needs.

The solution

Fox-IT offers a training programme tailored to the needs of your organisation. The course is put together specifically for your organisation based on examples taken from actual practice that are tailored to your organisation and your IT landscape.


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An expert works with you in a number of sessions to explore your need for tailor-made training. Learning outcomes are defined and a training programme is devised on that basis, consisting of elements from our extensive portfolio of training courses, practice exercises and examples taken from actual practice. If necessary, it may even be possible to develop content or practice exercises specifically for your organisation.


This allows you to rest assured that the portfolio of training courses is aligned with the needs of your organisation and your employees, as we ensure ongoing, constant knowledge development.

Why Fox-IT

For the past 20 years, Fox-IT has been the front runner in cyber security in the Netherlands. Based on our intelligence, incident response and pen-testing practice, we have up-to-date knowledge of any technological vulnerabilities and resulting risks. Academy operates on the basis of the knowledge and experience of the Fox-IT experts, so you will be presented with a scenario representative of your own organisation. The consultants know what they are talking about. Doing an awareness programme at Academy is not just fun and informative, but also truly enhances your sense of security.


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