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In today’s society, it is no longer a question of whether your organisation will be hacked, but when. As a CISO, you want to respond proactively to the various cyber-threats that your organisation faces on a daily basis. People are the weakest link and the first step for malicious parties. The question is how you systematically give your employees insight into the relevant cyber-risks (including human risks) and how you can teach them to respond appropriately to a tangible incident.

The solution

A training course from Fox-IT Academy will enhance the knowledge and skills of your employees, and of your team and your organisation. It will also contribute to your employees’ personal development. A certificate from Fox-IT is a valuable addition to your employee’s CV and LinkedIn profile.


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Training courses provided by our Academy are held at Fox-IT at our location in Delft and taught by one of our experts. These are people who work every day to provide security services for our clients, so they speak from extensive experience. Our experts have all taken teacher training courses that enable them to offer the lesson materials in a way that suits your employee.

Why Fox-IT

For fifteen years, Fox-IT has been transforming smart ideas and technology into innovative solutions that ensure a safer society. From the start of the digital age and the rise of cyber crime, Fox-IT has become a key player at the national and international levels. As a result, we have already seen almost everything in the world of malware, hacking and digital investigation at least once. This experience has been converted into an extensive portfolio of training courses that offer you the option to fortify your organisation.

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