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Protecting sensitive data and critical systems is a major concern in view of terror threats and cybercrime. Not permitting any automated outside connection is still a common, although highly impracticable, way to achieve this.

How do you benefit from the Fox DataDiode?

About the Fox DataDiode

By using a one-way connection, the Fox DataDiode helps you to prevent data leakage of confidential or classified information, while still having access to critical data sources you need for your daily job. Think about updates for your Anti-Virus products or Microsoft Windows, Databases, web feeds, email, video streams and operational information for your Security Operation Centres. Once you start thinking about it you can come up with a lot more. The Fox Data Diode can also prevent unwanted access to your Industrial Control Systems (ICS), including SCADA systems and DCSs, while still allowing ICSs to send out Critical Operational Data, Performance Metering and other Events and Alarms.

Key features

The Key Features of the Fox DataDiode are:

  • Reliable real-time one-way data transfer
  • Evaluation by the most stringent certification bodies.
  • Provides confidentiality for classified networks and systems; integrity and availability for Industrial Control Systems


What benefits does the Fox DataDiode provide, what are typical scenario’s?

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