Threats Actors & Business Risks

Security is a continuous process

Threats Actors & Business Risks

Do you know how to act?

In case of a cyber attack it is important to act quickly, calmly and in a coordinated way. Often a rapid investigation is required. Many decisions have to be made within the first hours after notification. What if an external threat actor targets vulnerable business processes that need to be up and running all the time, steals confidential knowledge or manipulates business critical information? To what extent is the organization able to prevent, detect and respond to such events? Are these measures really effective? What would be the best strategy? Where would you start?

The support of a trained emergency response team is needed to conduct swift and thorough investigations into data leaks, compromises and other serious cybercrime. After a security breach, hack or data theft, experts can use advanced digital investigative techniques and special tools to secure organization’s systems and find digital evidence, as well as advise you on the complete process of handling a breach from internal communications to possibly informing law enforcement and communicating with the press, up to advice on legal issues.

How we plan, build, run and support successful Cyber Security operations.

Do you outsmart ‘them’?

With all the right security measures in place, you would expect them to do exactly what they are meant to do. But advanced attackers are often able to circumvent these measures unnoticed. Criminal business models have evolved, criminal groups operate with less investment per target, and corporate muling processes have altered the way channels are attacked. Dealing with online threats and anomalies requires event correlation across multiple layers; endpoint, click-path, financial and cross session. When required criminals move from high-tech to low-tech and vice versa, while at the same time device usage evolves rapidly.

To understand to what extent your organization is prepared for cyber attacks, you need to assess how mature your Cyber Security approach is from both a technical, process and expertise point of view. Cyber threats and vulnerabilities are linked to business risks and require an intelligence driven approach to come up with the right mix of prevention, detection, response capabilities. We provide a full suite of information security services and solutions that help identify and remediate threats and risks, define a cyber security strategy, select and deploy the right technology, develop organizational capabilities and achieve operational readiness to protect from malicious attacks.

We serve as a client’s advocate, holistically addressing information security needs ranging from the program level all the way down to the project level. We help businesses, governments and public institutions plan, build and run successful information security programs, solve focused security problems, and execute specific IT security projects.

We start with understanding the threat landscape and business risks; both by market challenges and our security expertise; we permanently monitor developments, trends and issue, and use this intelligence to address any issue beforehand an build both effective and optimized defense structures.

In doing so we help organization to prioritize recommendations in a way that a (cost)-effective cyber security roadmap can be formed that protects the business model and reflects business continuity priorities. Understanding the way the criminals evolve are key in planning mitigation strategies. Insight needs more than technical attack details. Intelligence is not about malware anymore. The who, why and how of (potential) attacks are equally important. In order to make intelligence actionable, structure and automation are needed.

Continuously transforming knowledge of the threat landscape into optimized detection mechanisms and strategies (applied intelligence) is important in order to ensure detection coverage and provide attacker behavior visibility. Equally important, tracking coverage against threats in relation to your critical assets will provide you with relevant information to help drive more strategic decision making. This is the core through which Fox-IT provides guidance to their clients to plan, build and operate effective cyber security programs.