Law firms

Building confidentiality

Law firms

As much as law and accountancy firms carry with them the traditional image of confidential paper files, modern firms operate as digitally as any business. Managing sensitive information on clients’ cases, mergers & acquisitions and privacy sensitive data is a run-of-the-mill part of business. On top of that, a common part of casework is dealing with ever-increasing volumes of digital information that must be searched and assessed for material relevance in the shortest possible time. Budgets and resources are limited, but the task must be performed fast and the result must be complete.

Many parties have a clear interest in the information held by a typical law or accountancy firm: other firms, clients’ competitors, cyber criminals and others. The risk of digital compromise is growing as these parties realize the relative ease of cyber attacks and the low chance of getting caught. Law and accountancy firms are confronted with threats ranging from the mundane to the highly advanced.

Protecting clients’ trust in your firm’s handling of their case, at the same time as handling large volumes of digital data and sometimes technically complex investigations, is a challenge.

We find a balanced approach to cyber security and smart digital review techniques are essential to meeting these requirements. Today we work with leading law and accountancy firms to help them gain insights into their threat landscape and provide them with actionable intelligence, managed services and advice to improve their security defenses.