High-Tech & Manufacturing

Protecting proprietary information and safeguarding production

High-Tech & Manufacturing

High-tech industry is defined by its information, technology and, in many cases, the associated manufacturing processes. Loss of intellectual property or the disruption of production can mean a diminished ability to compete or a complete failure of the business. Protecting these core assets is critical to the health of the business.

Unfortunately, the threat is growing of less-than-scrupulous competitors benefiting from stolen corporate information and of nation states aiming to aid their own industry. Digital organized crime caters to both by selling their services in support of corporate espionage or disruption. Of course, high-tech industry also faces the same threats from untargeted cyber crime and malicious insiders as everyone else – and the practical impact of ransomware, information leaks or DDoS attacks is not to be underestimated.

The High-Tech and Manufacturing sectors are confronted with threats ranging from the mundane to the highly advanced. The high value of specific information and assets, both to a high-tech business and to its adversaries, mean that cyber security is a priority. At the same time, the realities of industry make a cost effective approach with as little impact on operations as possible essential.

We consider it our task to find the right balance between limiting risks and the cost of controls for any company. To that extent, we work with some of the world’s leading high-tech and manufacturing companies and help them gain insights into their threat landscape, provide them with actionable intelligence and monitoring services and guide them to improve their overall security posture. We deliver proven, technology driven solutions and services to safeguard them from a wide variety of threat actors.