Critical Infrastructure

Prohibiting failure

Critical Infrastructure

Society often takes the services provided by critical infrastructure for granted: electrical power, water supply, gas & heating supply, communications, dams, etc. As a result, critical infrastructure providers are faced with the responsibility not just to take the security measures that are economically justified to protect their own business, but also those required to safeguard their services to society which may or may not (yet) be required by regulation.

The visibility and importance of these services makes them a target for a wide variety of threats. Nation states attempt to exploit access for intelligence purposes or to have the ability to disrupt services for the day that they wish to exert diplomatic pressure. Organized crime uses ransomware or other methods for blackmail and financial gains. Hacktivists seek to make political statements.

The combination of critical services, increasingly advanced threats and the complex technical and regulatory constraints mean cyber security is both essential and complex.

We understand that this is the area where cyber security simply cannot fail. A modernized defense-in-depth approach based on active defense is key to balancing business, regulatory and security needs. This approach combines actionable intelligence with prevention, detection and response measures to minimize the impact of breaches by reacting quickly. It also uses specialized technology to isolate and secure critical production environments. We help the many leading critical infrastructure organizations we work with to gain insights into their threat landscape and provide them with actionable intelligence, managed services, advice and specific technology to improve their security defenses.