Finding the balance between operability and security


From large to small, from instant brand recognition to behind-the-scenes player, every business has information, assets or processes to protect. In some cases, the value is clear: sensitive intellectual property, financial data material to stock prices, personally identifying information of customers or employees etc. But often the value only becomes clear when it’s too late.

Every business faces a growing risk of cyber attacks. Cyber criminals are surprisingly creative in finding sources of profit: stealing credit card data from a retailer’s point-of-sales devices, manipulating financial data to influence stock prices, encrypting valuable data for blackmail. In a supply chain attack, nation states may target a business as a stepping stone to compromising their primary intelligence target. And everyone faces the threat of untargeted cybercrime and malicious insiders – the practical impact of ransomware, information leaks or DDoS attacks is not to be underestimated.

Corporations are confronted with threats ranging from the mundane to the highly advanced. The targeted and untargeted attacks – and defending against them – are a constant drain on resources for corporations.

We know that finding a balanced approach to security, weighing threats, security and business risk, is essential. We have partnerships with leading enterprises to provide them with insight in their threat landscape as well as providing them with actionable intelligence, improve their overall security posture and capabilities and provide proven technology solutions and services to improve their defenses against any type of threat actor.