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Cyber threat actors are to be taken seriously

Business Continuity & Value

Fox-IT helps clients around the world to protect their data, their brands, and their organization’s value.

In recent years the number of IT security incidents has risen sharply. Digital scams, fraud, espionage and blackmail seem to be daily news. On one hand we see the increasing impact of relatively generic attacks with malware such as ransomware, while at the other end of the scale we see highly advanced malware used by state actors, which is designed to circumvent current (state of the art) detection methods. This has led to the situation where today’s cyber threat landscape threatens our economic growth, geopolitical relations, business and financial interests and increasingly – for instance through the Internet of things – our personal safety.

Any company that has been hacked, can tell what that meant for their business value. Customer and business secrets are routinely stolen, resulting in great financial loss, bruised reputations and in some cases the departure of company management. We’ve helped numerous leading organizations in such situations and supported them in making sense of what is going on, how it happened and how it can be stopped as well as advising them on how it can be prevented in the future.

Based on our experience, we believe that the current state of cyber security solutions is insufficient to safeguard against these threats. A more holistic, intelligence-driven and operational approach to cyber security is required to effectively protect against advanced threats. Cyber security is not just about technology. To counter the evolving cyber threats facing organizations today, business leaders must ensure they have an understanding of the cyber threat landscape specific to their organization. From this insight, they then can develop an integrated approach to cyber security, tailored to the threat landscape and underlying business risk, addressing not only the technical aspects of their defense, but also the human and organizational elements. For many companies, this requires a fundamental transformation in how cyber security is understood within the business.

Cyber security is not just about technology. It’s about an intelligence-driven, integrated and business related approach.

That is what Fox-IT is about: we understand the cyber threat landscape and equally the risk they pose to your business. We approach these risks in an integrated way and work closely with our clients to improve their cyber resilience. We monitor their digital environment for potential breaches and ensure incident readiness for efficient handling and rapid recovery in the event an (major) incident does occur

Our aim is to become the most advanced, most comprehensive and most trusted partner for cyber security solutions. As part of NCC Group, we provide a full suite of advanced security services and solutions that help define your cyber security strategy, identify and remediate your threats and risks, select and deploy the right technology, and achieve operational readiness to protect you from malicious attack.