Our View on Security

Cyber security is the domain of specialists

Our View on Security

The most important challenge for organizations, is to ensure business risks are kept under control and business continuity can be ensured in the most (cost)-effective manner. This is by no means an easy task: integrated networks, fueled by the internet, have removed the historical barriers to productively sharing information, unleashing the capacity of technology to revolutionize our economic and personal lives. But as the benefits of digitization are increasing – so are its vulnerabilities and their exploitation by threat actors. Attackers have become highly organized and focus their attention on disrupting services, stealing or destroying data, and holding systems to ransom. In recent years, concepts like digital espionage, fraud, and data leakage have adopted a whole new meaning. The risk challenges have grown more complex—with regulatory fines, legal damages, loss of trust, and reputation damage being part of the equation.

Of course, as a society we are adapting to this. Actively defending against cyber attacks is the only way to get ahead of cyber criminals. Cyber security is evolving into a continuous process that is, at its core, risk management with the aim of ensuring business continuity. This involves the planning and preparation of a holistic cyber program to ensure that organizations are resilient to cyber threats and can continue to operate in case of serious incidents or are at least able to quickly recover to an operational state. Such defenses require operational processes to ensure the threat landscape and security posture are in line with overall risk acceptance.


We plan, build and run successful Cyber Security programs that contribute to a more secure society.

In this landscape, the connection between risk and performance is growing stronger, with responsibility for overseeing cyber risk increasingly resting with the board and the C-suite. Management and board have the responsibility to grow and develop their business while ensuring that it remains secure and resilient. Leading their organization, they must be sure that they have the right insights in the challenges of preventing, detecting and responding to the evolving cyber threats to their businesses.

Cyber security today is one of the more complex business issues. One that needs specialists who can understand both the technical details as well as their high-level business impact. Few companies today have the appropriate skills and resources in-house to effectively secure their information assets and at the same time optimize business performance. We help organizations to develop their in-house capabilities, and complement their operational teams where required.

We offer a complete portfolio of services to help identify threats and risks to outline an effective cyber security strategy, deploy the right technologies and ensure operational readiness to enable the business through security. In other words:

  • we have the ability to address your needs at the strategic program level;
  • we translate these needs to the operational project level (and all levels in between);
  • we guide you through the execution process;
  • we ensure that your organizational capabilities mature as planned.

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