High security network crypto for the tactical and mobile domain


SkyTale provides reliable, secure network communications, connecting server rooms, command posts, vehicles and field operatives.

SkyTale is a family of IP network cryptos, initially developed in close cooperation with the Dutch military. It offers confidentiality and integrity protection for your (high assurance) network data over a multitude of carriers (WLAN Adhoc, LTE, SatCom, radio and so on). SkyTale uses Payload Encryption, a custom protocol designed by Fox-IT, specifically targeted at mobile and radio domains. The SkyTale solution is available in different shapes and sizes aimed to be used in server rooms, vehicles and worn on uniforms. All members of the SkyTale product family have compatible protocol implementations.

Mission-approved products

Payload Encryptor is envisioned for usage in everything from infrastructure to military vehicles and individual soldiers, carrying network information from the strategic to the tactical. Each is certified to its own appropriate security level.

  • SkyTale/DCV: A Payload Encryptor/Ad-hoc Router combination for vehicles.
  • SkyTale/DSS: A Payload Encryptor/Tunnel-mode device, primarily intended for server-room, shelter- and command-vehicle use.
  • SkyTale/SRM: A software package, for use on telephones or tablets by field operatives.

Key benefits

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    Cutting Edge Crypto Products

    SkyTale provides the latest network security concepts and cryptographic algorithms.

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    Network Supporting Crypto Products

    SkyTale is an availability solution as well as it is a confidentiality and integrity solution.

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    Multipurpose Family of Crypto Products

    SkyTale family members can be used from High Assurance all the way down.

Why Fox-IT

Fox-IT combines smart ideas with advanced technology to create innovative solutions that contribute to a more secure society. Our experts develop products and custom solutions for our clients to guarantee the security of sensitive and critical government systems, protect industrial networks, defend online banking systems and secure confidential data. Fox-IT works closely with critical infrastructure industries and government and defense organizations around the world. Our products are recognized as having the highest levels of certification, such as NATO Secret and level Mission Top-Secret and Mission Confidential.