SINA Workstation

Secure your sensitive data on the road

SINA Workstation

SINA Virtual Workstation is a fat client with a cryptographic file system and IPSec-protected communication. Protected by a VPN tunnel, the SINA Virtual Workstation communicates with server areas or terminal server areas. This makes flexible use possible: stationary or mobile, online or off. SINA networks can be accessed via wired (Ethernet) or wireless media.

SINA Virtual Workstation is extremely flexible, and can therefore be used in many different scenarios. In addition to the integrated Thin Client functions, it is possible to operate several virtualised guest operating systems. This makes it your ideal secure workstation for the road.

Other security solutions offer you only partial functions. SINA Virtual Workstation provides you with comprehensive security in a single device, VPN, hard drive encryption and interface control, smart card and secure operating system. It is no longer necessary to combine various individual components to cover all the threats. This makes SINA Virtual Workstation convenient and simple to administrate, as well as being extremely secure. SINA Management allows all security-relevant settings to be made with one single piece of administration software. In addition, SINA Virtual Workstation is the only product of this kind that is approved by The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

About SINA

Security Networks AG developed SINA (the Secure Inter-Network Architecture) for the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). The product family of crypto systems enables the secure processing, storage and transmission of classified information as well as other sensitive data, according to approval requirements. The product line covers different gateways, line encryptors, clients and management systems that have been in use in the public sector, armed forces and companies handling classified information for many years. Selected SINA components are approved for processing and transmitting classified information up to and including the classification levels NATO SECRET and SECRET UE.

Why Fox-IT

Fox-IT combines smart ideas with advanced technology to create innovative solutions that contribute to a more secure society. Our experts develop products and custom solutions for our clients to guarantee the security of sensitive and critical government systems, protect industrial networks, defend online banking systems and secure confidential data. Fox-IT works closely with critical infrastructure industries and government and defense organizations around the world. Our products are recognized as having the highest levels of certification, such as NATO Secret and level Mission Top-Secret and Mission Confidential.