VPN Gateway for RESTRICTED communication


As a VPN gateway, the SINA L3 Box is a key component of the central IT infrastructure in high-security networks. The data exchanged across the SINA components is securely transmitted via encrypted VPN tunnels. SINA L3 Boxes connect public authority or corporate networks via public lines such as the Internet. Additionally, SINA L3 Boxes can be configured as cryptographic network access points for SINA clients to (terminal) servers.

The SINA L3 Box S and its predecessors, SINA Box LE, SINA Box 1U (5xLAN) and SINA Box 1000, are IP-based encryption systems approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for transmitting classified information for both RESTRICTED and NATO RESTRICTED classification levels. Just like its predecessors, the SINA L3 Box S also serves national and international high security networks.

Due to the increased temperature ranges, integrated touch display and more modest power consumption, the new SINA L3 Boxes S 30M, 200M and 1G are more flexible than their predecessors. Additionally, the new SINA Boxes S 200M, 1G and 3G are substantially lighter. The network interfaces can be fitted with SFP modules according to specific needs. This allows for a flexible adaption to the customer’s network infrastructure. Compared with the SINA Box 1000, the new SINA L3 Box S 1G has a more compact design (19” 1U). Both models of the SINA L3 Box S 3G are equipped with ten network interfaces each which makes them most suitable for use in complex central network nodes. A crypto performance of up to 3 GBit/s makes it the most powerful device of the SINA L3 Boxes S.

About SINA

Security Networks AG developed SINA (the Secure Inter-Network Architecture) for the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). The product family of crypto systems enables the secure processing, storage and transmission of classified information as well as other sensitive data, according to approval requirements. The product line covers different gateways, line encryptors, clients and management systems that have been in use in the public sector, armed forces and companies handling classified information for many years. Selected SINA components are approved for processing and transmitting classified information up to and including the classification levels NATO SECRET and SECRET UE.

Why Fox-IT

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