SINA Health Check

How healthy is your SINA network?

SINA Health Check

Ensuring that your SINA network systems are properly maintained calls for the right level of care and attention. In practice, system managers often lack the time needed for system maintenance and frequently fail to make regular checks on the SINA network. In addition, they often lack the latest in-depth knowledge required to conduct these checks effectively, and the outcomes of investigations and follow-up action are not always documented.

Our solution

How can you be sure that your SINA network is healthy? The SINA Health Check is the solution you seek. A Fox-IT SINA consultant will be happy to help you conduct regular checks on your SINA networks. A periodic check can be arranged within one day, and you will receive a report detailing the results and recommendations.

The SINA Health Check guarantees that all parts of your SINA network are checked. The first step is to conduct a basic system check. The SINA consultant then examines the status of the hardware and system services and also checks the SINA console for you. Finally, the most important files are examined before an intensive analysis is conducted of all SINA-related log files. Of course, if you have a SINA web installation, this will also be included in the SINA Health Check.

If Fox-IT manages your SINA Management Station (SMS), the SINA Health Check can also be conducted from our office in Delft.

Key benefits

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    SINA Maintenance Support

    Optimize maintenance of your SINA systems

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    SINA Expertise

    A detailed report with findings and recommendations

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    Healthy SINA Systems

    A health check on your SINA network

Why Fox-IT?

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