A hardened version of OpenVPN for government use


OpenVPN-NL is a hardened version of OpenVPN that is modified to include as many security measures as possible, allowing for its use in classified environments. This includes various hardening patches, as well as improvements to the documentation to ease evaluation by the NL-NCSA. OpenVPN-NL remains open source and as many of the modifications as possible were contributed by the community.

The OpenVPN-NL project was initiated in response to interest from many Dutch ministries, including the Ministry of Defense. The project is in line with the Dutch government’s goal to encourage the use of open standards and open source products within the government itself. The project is funded by interdepartmental resources.

‘Departementaal VERTROUWELIJK’ (Departmental Confidential)

OpenVPN-NL meets all the evaluation criteria of the NL-NCSA for handling classified information up to the level of ‘Departementaal VERTROUWELIJK’ (similar to the ‘NATO RESTRICTED’ classification). Safely using OpenVPN-NL requires deployment in compliance with the conditions set in the deployment advisory (‘inzetadvies’), published by the NL-NCSA.

Please visit the OpenVPN NL-website for more information.

Why Fox-IT

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