Emergency Security Monitoring

Temporary top-level surveillance

Emergency Security Monitoring

The level of security controls is usually set to be appropriate for the ‘normal’ threats to which your organization is exposed. In special circumstances, however, it is necessary for a period of time to raise the security level of your network to the highest. For example, when negotiating a takeover, presenting annual figures or in the event of a suspected information leak, an increased level of vigilance is required.

Increasing the level of security often puts considerable pressure on your organization’s capacity. In many cases, extra investment in costly security solutions and ICT expertise is needed. In addition, your organization must be able to respond immediately to emergencies, both within and outside of standard office hours. Most organizations are not prepared for this. As a result, additional measures are often not taken, and the level of security is not adequate, especially for high-risk situations — along with all the damaging consequences that can result.

Our Solution

Fox-IT’s Emergency Security Monitoring service provides you with temporary top-level surveillance. Emergency Security Monitoring can be used to set up security monitoring for your network within a few days, for a set period of time. This will provide your network with 24/7 real-time monitoring by our security analysts.

With Fox-IT’s Emergency Security Monitoring, we restore the balance between your security level and the temporarily elevated risks, without placing unnecessary extra pressure on your organizations’ resources.

In the event of irregularities, action is taken immediately, in accordance with the agreements we have made with you. Incidents are immediately reported to the designated people in your organization. This approach guarantees that potential problems are dealt with confidentially and without delay.

Follow-up investigation

In the event of incidents such as industrial espionage, fraud, hacking or unauthorized use of company facilities, a follow-up investigation might be necessary. Our security analysts therefore work closely with the digital investigators from our forensics department, ensuring that a proper forensic investigation is carried out if such a security incident occurs. This improves the chances of completely reconstructing the incident in question, while reducing the risk of permanent damage and guaranteeing the legal validity of investigations. This is particularly important if a legal process is initiated.

Key benefits

  • Alert_DB
    Situational awareness

    Instant visibility on attacker activity to understand the scope of the breach as the basis for threat mitigation

  • Forensic_DB
    Forensic Readiness

    Data capture and storage for incident analysis and digital forensic research

  • 24-7_DB
    Instant Notification

    24/7 post-incident monitoring to immediately identify and report new irregularities and deviations

  • Focus_DB
    Zero Touch

    Passive information collection ensures no impact on the existing infrastructure

  • Agenda 01_DB
    Rapid Deployment

    Emergency montioring operations deployment within a day

  • Expand_DB
    Post-breach Scale Up

    Easy and flexible post-breach transition towards regular security monitoring service

Why Fox-IT

Fox-IT understands that security is an ongoing process that should cover detection, prevention, response and intelligence. Our security specialists have a thorough understanding of these elements, gained from extensive operational experience in providing a wide variety of security services. We have a long history of incorporating threat intelligence in our way of working. This is the key characteristic throughout the services we deliver.

We track the most serious threat actors and gathering and analyze threat intelligence on a 24/7 basis. Fox-IT applies its knowledge of the latest cyber threats directly in its services and uses it to design, build and validate innovative solutions that protect against both regular and advanced persistent threats. The resulting solutions are then utilized in our ongoing operations, professional services and made available to our clients. This approach has led to the development of one of the most advanced Security Operation Centers in the world.